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Westward’s team of instructors have been teaching surfing and ocean safety for over twenty years.  No matter the age or skill level, we are equipped to improve one’s capabilities and broaden your vision of what is possible in the water. 

Surf instructor teaching surf students at the beach how to stand properly on a surf board


Whether it is your first time setting foot into the ocean or you are preparing for a surf trip with friends, Westward Surf ensures to excel your overall aquatic performance. 

We offer private one on one surf lessons as well as group lessons for people of all shapes and sizes. 


We will teach you ocean awareness, the ins and outs of surf equipment, water safety, proper surf technique, as well as surf etiquette. 

Surf Instructor watching a surf student cut back on a wave in the ocean
Surf instructor teaching surf students in the ocean while waiting for a wave.

Core Lessons


Ocean Awareness


Surf Equipment

One of the most difficult things to learn before even entertaining the idea of surfing is how the ocean works in different areas.  Swell, wind, and tides are forever changing, so learning the way these elements unfold is a necessary precursor to standing up on a board.  

Knowing what gear to use, and when to use it, is one of the most important aspects in surfing that we teach.  Every person requires something slightly different to ensure the best surf session, and it is another valuable component that our clients walk away with.


Water Safety

Water safety is highlighted in every one of our surf sessions.  Being able to locate hazardous situations in the lineup will ultimately keep you, and those around you, out of harm’s way.


Surf Technique

Proper surf technique is the reason we are all here.  Westward Surf will teach you the correct way to enter and exit the ocean, paddle, stand up, generate speed, and apply a number of other techniques to varying surf conditions.  Style is everything.


Surf Etiquette

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is, “When do I know that it is my turn?”  Learning decent etiquette in the ocean is engrained into our program because we find it to be one of the most appreciated lessons that a person can learn. Respecting the ocean, and the other surfers, will allow you to have a fluid and fulfilling session.

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Point Dume Locals of the PT.DOOM crew ripping Point Dume, abotu to high five while surfing
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